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The Romanesque Route

Wipertikirche Church

The touristic Romanesque Route recounts European history of a thousand years and offers the visitor sustenance for mind and soul. Magnificent edifices bear witness in stone to Quedlinburg\'s founding days: the Romanesque Collegiate Church on the castle-hill, the ancient St.Wiperti Church and crypt, and the Convent of St.Mary, the remains of which have been recently been made accessible to public viewing on the \"Münzenberg\" and documented in a small Münzenberg-Museum with an adjacent museum-café which offers a panoramic view of the historic town and the castle-hill opposite the \"Münzenberg.”
On the castle-hill itself, the oldest Romanesque vaults beneath the Renaissance castle have been meticulously restored and opened to the public. They now accommodate an impressive exhibition of \"Traces of The Ottonians\" which provides unusual insights in the uses and abuses of history.

Don\'t miss excursions to further Romanesque monuments in the area- in Halberstadt, Gernrode, Ballenstedt, or the Burg Falkenstein. It is, for example, a mere 20-minutes\' drive from Quedlinburg to Halberstadt, whose bishopric dates back to the reign of Charlemagne and where there are important centers for research in Germany\'s intellectual history. Wherever you travel on the Romanesque Route, you will gain revealing insights into the Ottonian dynasty and its role in the early history of Germany.

Offers to the tourist:

Guides Walks:

For individual travelers:
May until October, Tuesdays and Saturdays 11.00 a.m., approx. 2 hours.
City Walk: \"On The Trail of The Ottonians\"

For Groups:
Upon request throughout the year, approx. 2 hours
City Walk: \"On The Trail of The Ottons\"

Throughout the year upon request: Excursions of four to eight hours in duration.
Guides for tours along the The Romanesque Route (at least five hours in duration)

Book Inclusive Offers

Pauschal Offerings One Weekend- Two Church Treasures

The most important collections of church treasures in Germany are to be found in the Cathedral of Aachen, in the Cathedral of Halberstadt and in the Collegiate Churchof Quedlinburg. What could be more appropriate than to view the treasures in the two neighboring cities together. On Saturday, a visit to the Collegiate Church St. Servatius with its treasure and an extensive city tour of Quedlinburg are on the program. On Sunday, a visit to Halberstadt with a guided tour of the city and the visit to the Cathedral \"St. Stephanus” with its treasure are planned for the day. Dates: May to October, arrival on Friday Groups: other dates are possible upon request.

UNESCO World Cultural City Quedlinburg with a Special Ottonian Package

 There is much in Quedlinburg which can still be traced back to the Ottonians. On Saturday morning you receive in a special city tour \"In the Tracks of the Ottonians” a good impression of their influence. In the afternoon you will delve further into the legacy in the Collegiate Church with its famous collection of treasures and in the Castle Museum with the historical rooms of the Women’s Convent. In the evening a three course dinner awaits you in a special ambiance. If you are able to remain a day long, you must also take advantage of the opportunity to visit the unique Romanesque Collegiate Church St. Cyriakes in Gernrode.
Dates: May to October, arrival on Friday Groups: other dates are possible upon request.

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