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Sought: The Ideal Woman and Mother of the Land

Sought The Ideal Woman and Mother of the Land

Faithful, obedient, beautiful, fruitful and devout. With good knowledge of French, cultivated court manners, and from the higher nobility. Understanding, education and self-confidence are not necessary.

With these qualifications, is it possible to rule a small 18th century principality, to oppose a powerful ruler? Scarcely.
Maria Aurora from Königsmark, Anna Amalia of Prussia, Sophia Albertine of Sweden. Threestrong, independent and (dramatic) personalities, who ruled as Dean and Abess of the \"Imperial Ladies’ Collegiate Secular Convent” of Quedlinburg. A charming cosmopolite, a composer and an admirer of Italian antiquity in the time at which Prussia was on the way to becoming a leading power in Europe and the small church territories were struggling for survival. A century whose influence perpetuates our established image of the ideal woman.

The Castle Museum of Quedlinburg recounts through holdings from its own collection the life histories of the three noble ladies and portrays their roles in the happenings of the times.

\"The Ideal Woman. The Dramatic 18th Century in the History of the Imperial Ladies’ Collegiate Secular Convent of Quedlinburg: A Special Exhibition in the Framework of the statewide initiative \"Saxony Anhalt and the 18th Century” in the thematic year \"2008: Women in the 18th Century in the Castle Museum of Quedlinburg.”

Sponsored by the State of Saxony Anhalt and the Foundation of the Kreissparkasse Quedlinburg.

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