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Planning Your Route

By Road

The North Harz Autobahn (B6N) can now be taken from the Vienenburger Dreieck, where it meets the Lower Saxony Autobahn 395. Via Ilsenburg, Vienenburg, and Blankenburg , the B6N continues on to Quedlinburg.

By Bus and Rail

By Express-Bus to Quedlinburg

Berlin Bus to Quedlinburg.
The Berlin Linienbus travels from the ZOB (Central Bus Station at the radio tower of Berlin several times a week directly to the Harz Region. Four times a week the trip goes from Berlin to Quedlinburg to Bad Sachsa (Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat.,) and five times a week the direction Bad Sachsa- Quedlinburg- Berlin. (Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat., So.) The Sunday bus leaves later so that a Berlin weekend package with bus travel can be booked. You can access the bus schedule over the button on this page.


Harz Elbe Express
Get on board. The Harz Elbe Express with its modern, air-conditioned trains connects Magdeburg and Halle with the tourists centers of the Harz Region

Harz Berlin Express
Economical and direct every weekend from Berlin to the Harz or from the Harz to Berlin.
Information Services of Deutsche Bahn AG

Nach: Quedlinburg DB
Abfahrt Ankunft

The schedule of the Harz Small Gage Railway (HSB) as well as the special trips of the railway can be found at the button on this page.

Busparking in Quedlinburg

Our new parking lot for buses at the \"Marschlinger Hof” is professionally realized as a parking place for commercial buses. It is equipped with a platform for leaving and boarding the bus, an information kiosk and modern WC facilities. Off season the kiosk and the WC are closed. The next public toilet is to be found approximately 250 meters away, behind the town hall.

Parking for Camping Trailers

Three parking lots have parking spaces for trailers. The highest tariff is 5 euro.
Parking lot \"Marschlinger Hof”: quiet, only 250 meters from the town hall, information kiosk and public toilet facilities (closed in the winter)
\"Schlossplatz”: beneath the castle hill, public toilet facilities, electrical connections, water supplies, possibilities for disposal.
\"An den Fischteichen”: on the edge of the historical \"New City”, public toilet facilities, and electrical connections

By Air

Closest cities with airports:

Leipzig (112 km)
Hannover (206 km)
. Schönefeld (209 km)
. Tegel (206 km)

Buses and Railways in Sachsen-Anhalt


Departures and Arrivals at Halts in Quedlinburg and Environs

Selketal-Railway (Narrow Gauge Trainline)

Timetable of Harzer Schmalspurbahnen Timetable of Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB - Harz Narrow Gauge Railway System) - and special excursion trips

Funicular and Chairlift from Thale
Funicular to Hexentanzplatz (Witches\' Dance-Floor), Chairlift to Rosstrappe, Harzbob (Summer Bobsled Run)

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