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Half-timbered Construction in Quedlinburg

Half-timbered Construction in the 'Hölle'

Thanks to the uninterrupted representation of half-timbered buildings throughout the centuries in Quedlinburg, one can follow, as if in a teaching manual, the history of half-timbered construction simply by walking through the town. This uniqueness has led to Quedlinburg having been designated since 1994 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With a house built in the so-called \"vertical beam” construction style, Quedlinburg offers one of the oldest half-timbered houses in Germany. Characteristic of this style is the continuity of the individual vertical beam from the threshold all the way up to the roof.

Characteristic for the subsequent late Gothic epoch is the construction of multiple levels within a house with each additional floor protruding beyond the one below. In the \"Breiten Straße” Nr. 33, this principle of construction can be seen together with the characteristic stairway frieze ornamental carving above the threshold.

Typical for the \"Lower Saxony” style which developed around the middle of the 16th century are the ornamental motifs of the sun in a triangular field at the foot of the upright beams. The exposed ends of the beams are decorated as well. Geometric forms such as stars, the rosette, and interwoven ribbons are impressively displayed on the houses in the street \"Die Hölle.”
On the \"Gildehaus zur Rose” in the \"Breiten Straße”, one can identify clearly the subsequent Renaissance style in the elaborated carved balustrade planks and blind arcades.

After the Thirty Years’ War, Quedlinburg entered a very active building phase which led to the emergence of the so-called special Quedlinburg style. A particular characteristic of this style is the diamond cut of the end of the horizontal beams. Projecting bays also become popular at this time.

The Baroque era produced a style of multi-storied buildings without any protrusion of the upper floors. The ends of the beams and the juncture of beams disappear behind facade planks. This style is characterized by horizontal lines and roofs with gables and garrets.

The stately house at \"Neuer Weg” Nr. 7 was transformed in accordance with the half-timbered construction style of the Rococo.

From the period of Classicism, one still finds examples of the construction of facades with double vertical beams. With this style, the high period of half-timbered construction comes to an end.

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