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What to Visit in Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg- UNESCO World Heritage Site

Welcome to the World Heritage City Quedlinburg. We invite you to a walk through seven centuries of half-timbered architecture. Submerge yourself in more than a thousand years of German history and experience the magic of a unique medieval town. In the year 1994, Quedlinburg was placed under the protection of the UNESCO. Reasons for this designation as "UNESCO World Heritage” are the presence of the burial site of the first German king in the crypt of the Romanesque women’s collegiate church St. Servatius on the castle-hill and the impressive collection of more than 1,300 half-timbered houses over an area of 90 hectares. The castle-hill and the "Münzenberg,” the Old Town and the historical New Town constitute in their entirety a historical urban jewel rare in its completeness. It is difficult to choose and present individual sites and objects separated out of such a rich and diverse collection, but we shall attempt to do so.

The Castle-Hill

The Old Town

The New Town

The "Münzenberg"

The Outer Ring

Half-timbered Architecture

Monuments in the Inner City

Have we awakened your desire to make a visit to our beautiful city?
We are happy to accompany you on city tours and on guided thematic visits. Our experienced and well-informed city guides have much of interest that they are eager to share with you.
You can reach us over Quedlinburg-Information, Markt 2, 06484 Quedlinburg; Tel.: 03946/905620.

The author of our entries, Christa Rienäcker, is the chairwoman of the Quedlinburg Association of City Guides.

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